Become an animator in a summer camp for Ukrainian children and youth!

Become an animator in a summer camp for Ukrainian children and youth!

2. mája 2023

Date: 25. August – 3. September 2023 (these dates include preparation and evaluation days)

Place: Bratislava and its surroundings, Slovakia

Costs: every volunteer pays for their travel costs and insurance (accommodation and food are
covered) + we recommend the volunteers to bring some pocket money
*in case of financial issues, you can request support from our solidarity fund, you only need to contact


  • able to communicate in English
  • 18 – 30 y. o.
  • experience of volunteering with children/young people
  • we expect the volunteers join and contribute to our good mornings and good nights

Description: This summer we want to organise the second year of a day camp for children who have
escaped the war. These children stay in a large capacity centre near Bratislava, where there are
currently approximately 1000 people, which of around 300 are children. Our salesian organisation
Domka has been helping in the centre since May 2022, organizing both regular activities during the
school year and also summer camps. This particular camp will be special for the kids because we
invite you – international volunteers to join us and enrich our team and, first of all, enrich the lives of
the kids. The team will consist of local volunteers and international volunteers who will create a
friendly community during the camp. The programme for children is planned from Monday till Friday
between 9:00 – 16:00 but all animators will stay together in a salesian centre for the whole duration of
the camp. This gives the volunteers the chance to get to know each other better, share their experience
and create a small family. During the time with the kids, we want to offer them an opportunity to meet
people from different countries and even encourage them to speak English with them. The weekends
before and after the camp are planned to be preparation and evaluation days, including free time
activities and trips around the capital, Bratislava.

If you are interested, you can contact us by submitting the application form at

During June, we will contact you via email and invite you for an online interview.