Domka - Association of salesian youth

Domka - Association of Salesian YouthDomka is one of the biggest youth organizations in Slovakia. It has more than 8,000 members, mainly children and youth aged 6-30 in 32 youth centres spread all over the country. Domka is a member of the Youth Council of Slovakia and also a member of the European network of Salesian youth organisations of Don Bosco Youth-Net.

Domka is open to everyone longing for friendship, development and a strong community experience.

Domka is grateful to hundreds of volunteers who daily invest their time, effort and talents.  

Mission of Domka

Our mission is to devote the education of the youth.

Domka - Association of Salesian YouthIn the centre of our attention are mainly young people in the critical period of pubescence aged 12-25. We devote our attention also to children, adult members of Domka and young families. With all these groups of people we build a multigenerational educative community.

With our activities and participation in life we offer the Salesian youth a spirituality as a lifestyle based on familiarity, optimism, involvement, sensibility of poor´s needs, personal relationship with God and a joyful everyday life. All this came out of the educative tradition of Don Bosco.

The aim of Domka is to support the integral growth of young people in the period of pubescence in order to teach them to accept their life as a gift and to know how to take up their own responsibility as well as that for their surroundings, community and environment.

In this vein we invite and start cooperation with those who consider youth education important. We bring up to the public forum the topic of youth and education. The preparation and proficiency in these topics is for us important.








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